Resa Labossiere

for Castle Pines City Council Ward 2

I’m running for Castle Pines City Council this November because I believe what we accomplish over the next few years will determine what our community looks like for the next generation. Working together, we can ensure the future is one that we want to see.


I understand people are busy and don’t necessarily want to spend their free time monitoring what is going on in city government. Everyone wants to believe their elected officials are representing them and acting in their best interests.


But I also hear frequently from neighbors who wonder what the City does for them, and it goes something like this: “I pay more to the City now when I buy and register my car. I pay extra fees on my gas, my electricity and my cable - but what do I get in return?”


That’s a great question that I will work to answer for you.


I’ve attended numerous City Council meetings and hearings. I’ve experienced standing up at the podium, offering input, and feeling not particularly welcomed. I recall being at one meeting where my comment from the previous meeting (as written into the draft meeting minutes) was actually “sanitized” to make it less candid.


That was frustrating and I will work so that never happens to you.


I have the skills and background to solve complex issues and successfully collaborate with others - skills that are critical for our city government to function effectively. I have the courage to speak up for what I believe is right. I value diversity of thought and background. And I’m motivated to work to make our community even more exceptional than it already is.


I ask for your support and your vote this election to ensure the future is one that we want to see.